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Originally Posted by chaos_23 View Post
If I'm not mistaken, you have the same RayBans as I do, Shot Square? My absolute favorite sunglasses, had a pair for five years and dropped them in the lake one fourth of July. I never could find them again at any stores, but about four months ago I found some online and didn't hesitate.

Also, is that a Comp-Tac mag pouch? How do you like it?
the raybans are some flavor of predators that i picked up from costco (now sporting polarized rx lenses).

i like the tek-loks a lot; however, for me, they tend to slide a bit on my 5-stitch wilderness belts due to where i position them, unless i pin em' against a loop with a pepper spray holder. my guess is it wouldn't be an issue with a csm, or leather belt.
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