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Yeah, there are a couple or three Ron Paul supporters who've stated that they will vote for Obama since their guy has no chance. They want to teach the GOP and America a lesson.

Originally Posted by Gundude View Post
Saying it over and over doesn't make it true.

Obama will bring about change, although it won't be the change he's hoping for.

Mittens will not. Mittens is politics as usual, and for those who are repulsed by the trend we're on, electing somebody who will maintain that trend is unacceptable.

Conservatives, by definition, fear change. That is why conservatives are on board with Mittens despite his unconservative credentials. They know he's "safe". They know he won't change anything.

The time for "safe" is gone. Let Obama bring the pot to a full boil quickly, and let's see what America is made of.
Originally Posted by RCP View Post
I simply don't buy that we wouldn't "survive" another 4 years of Obama. I can't stand the guy but if it takes him getting re-elected to wake up the GOP and it's party fan boys to give us a candidate worth a crap then so be it. Calling me an Obama supporter because I won't vote for Romney is ridiculous, I'm the guy voting for the candidate who is the furthest thing from Obama there is. If you insist on pulling the lever for whomever the GOP puts up there no matter how bad they are (yes I know he's supposedly a "little" better than Obama, that's a matter of opinion as his track record certainly doesn't seem to indicate that) then YOU are the problem not me. So go ahead and blame Ron Paul supporters all you want I really don't care the way I see it you have had every opportunity to do the same you keep insisting we do which is to join your side. If Obama is re-elected then you are just as much to blame if not more so for being so easily convinced to accept a candidate that doesn't stand for anything conservative other than not being Obama. I've gone along and voted straight Republican ever since I could vote and it has gotten us to where we are today. Not anymore and until the GOP gives us someone worth a damn, not ever again!
Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post
I agree with the OP.

I hope Obama will win the 2nd term so he could shake us up. If Romney is TPOTUS and then he will send us back to our beds, while the America is decaying.

Obama is the only best shot we have at this time for 2nd term (I wish we could elect Ron Paul, but America doesn't want him at this time.) It is America's fault. If we elect Ron Paul but it might won't change anything because of the gridlock on the senator/house floor.

Obama = Romney, no question.
Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post
Ok here you guys are going to trash at me for what I am about to say. Please understand that I love America and none of us are learning a lesson from 2004 and past and therefore I say:

If Ron Paul is out then I'll vote Obama to trash GOP. GOP needs to go under; I mean it.

Who got us Obama? McCain! Romney as our GOP will get us Obama fo sho! If you are in denial of that then you are sticking your head into the sand!

GOP will never win a President race in the future; that's way too obvious!!! GOP is wayyyy too divided.

I am going to vote Obama because this race is fixed for Obama. The America is screwed up because the majority of Americans aren't capable to understand the politic, economy, and the moral standard that's horrible. They just want to see more drama and to divide ourselves.

I don't think RP will win 2012 because many of us are idiots. I recommend you to take pictures of the America in hardcopy (those pictures will be the historical documents); look at Detroit for example. Enjoy the America while it lasts.
Originally Posted by Gundude View Post
That's a respectable strategy, not because the race is "fixed", but because the wider the margin of defeat for the GOP, against such a poor incumbent, in such a bad economy, the better the likelihood of the realization that a major shift is needed.

The other option is a third party vote. If enough people do it because of the abysmal choices this time around, the "unelectability" of third parties may be called into question. I don't realistically think it will happen this time around, it may take a few more cycles, but I'm keeping my options open until November.

Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post
Romney, Newt, and Rick would do same thing. We need more mad people to call for a change in WH; Obama is the only best person to make it happen.

Go Obama for a serious change! (I desire to see RP as a POTUS, but Americans are that dumb to not vote him and to think of him as unelectable candidate per to the media).
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