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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
OMG, that 35P 'system' lists for nearly 600 bucks!!
But it is still worth considering. Too many times we take a short term view of these things.

That 35P will still be a top-of-the-line chrono long after I am gone. My grandson will be able to hand it down to his kids (or grandkids).

Had I known it was available before I bought the CED M2, I would have definitely put it on the short list and probably bought it. I still might...

This long term view colors all of my buying decisions. Firearms, loading equipment, woodworking tools, electronics tools/devices, virtually everything I buy. What will be the best stuff 20 years from now? Certainly, better stuff may come out in the meantime but today's best stuff won't be junk.

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." - Lily Tomlin

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