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Originally Posted by robin303 View Post
I have the Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph. You can get for $95 on sale at Midway couple times a year. It picks up data on sunny, cloudy, dusk and no problem with MG boolits.

I have that chrony too. It works great. Mine is quite a bit more beat up though. Managed to shoot a couple of diffuser rods. Shook the insides of the chrony all to hell. As I was getting ready to send a handgun round, my buddy, who was logging velocities, asked what the previous reading was. My eyes looked down to the readout right before trigger squeeze. Well, you sort of shoot where you are looking.

At any rate, took it home, disassembled, re-assembled, and then tested it with loads of known velocities. The housing is peppered with lead shrapnel on one side. It is ugly but functional - and I might say durable! Gets good readings in a variety of lighting conditions.
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