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Originally Posted by herdingcats View Post

1. This one comes pretty well recommended and is said to have one of the largest shooting areas of them all.
Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph. $119.95
Software and cable solution to extract data. $49.95
Optional remote with no digital readout. $89.95
Total for this option: $259.85
I worry that you can't read your data on the remote, so the only way to get real-time data is by seeing the readout on the unit (not ideal), or by having your PC connected on the spot (uh… I can see it now…). Long story short, the user really needs to collect info and just review later. Now that's my take… other users seem to feel that the digital readout is great and that the remote is not needed. If true, then you've got one of the most recommended Chronographs for $120.
This is the one I've had for 2 years. I bought just the chrono, none of the other gadgets. Midway puts this one on sale often for $99.

I can chrony in my back yard. So for me, shooting 10 and then walking over and gathering my data is no big deal. Even if I was at an outdoor range, they do call "cease fire" occasionally, no? I'd have the chrony setup low so I could use the bench to bench rest it through the uprights, once I shot 10 rounds I'd then shoot at some other target in the background until the "cease fire" sounds and I could walk out and get the data.

Of course, that second "set" of shooting needs to not travel over the chrono, but you could have fun and not be bored while waiting for the change to walk out.
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