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3. The CED M2 Chronograph looks interesting, though I'm not finding definitive reviews one way or another. It does not seem to have a big shooting area, so I worry about shooting it. It's also $169.99 right now for the full package. This I like. The remote on this one has a digital readout so you can collect data immediately and right at the shooting bench… I like this for obvious reasons. Also, I can connect to it later with the PC interface that is included at this price. This is a plus. That said, there have been quite a few negative reviews regarding error reads due to lighting. These seem to be the same issues the Shooting Chrony guys are having, and the only fix seems to be to put fabric on either side of the reading units. Personally I don't want this problem.

Again, experts please chime in with the "what" and the "why".

Thanks again GT!!
I bought the CED M2 chronograph about a year ago. I also have two older Ohler chronographs that are somewhat of a PITA to use as they feature 10' sensor separation.

I wanted the electronics on the table. I can afford to blow up a couple of sensors from time to time but I would prefer to save the electronics. No, I haven't done it yet. But 'yet' is the operative word.

Lighting is the problem with ALL chronographs. You can't use them when the sun is low in the sky (early AM or late PM). They work best when the sun is overhead so summer is better than winter. The only time I really had a problem was early in the morning when the screens were in the shade of the overhanging canopy.

The chronograph works very well and the PC interface is a real help. Eventually, I would like to create a database of load and chronograph data combined. Someday...

Ohler isn't selling low end chronographs any longer so, IMO, the M2 is the next best thing. I highly recommend it.

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