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Chronograph Options

I need a chronograph. In my research it seems there are a few decent options, but that a guy could end up with trash if he's not careful. Experts please chime in: if you were buying one today, what would you get?

Here are the options I've been reading about:

1. This one comes pretty well recommended and is said to have one of the largest shooting areas of them all.
Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph. $119.95
Software and cable solution to extract data. $49.95
Optional remote with no digital readout. $89.95
Total for this option: $259.85
I worry that you can't read your data on the remote, so the only way to get real-time data is by seeing the readout on the unit (not ideal), or by having your PC connected on the spot (uh… I can see it now…). Long story short, the user really needs to collect info and just review later. Now that's my take… other users seem to feel that the digital readout is great and that the remote is not needed. If true, then you've got one of the most recommended Chronographs for $120.

2. Shooting Chrony has a lot of haters, so I'm thinking I shouldn't get one of those. Please feel free to school me here. They make a lot of options, so it's tempting to go this direction. That said, there are a whole lot of people saying not to go this direction, so I'd need to know why this is the better route and not just that you like yours. Experts, please chime in.

3. The CED M2 Chronograph looks interesting, though I'm not finding definitive reviews one way or another. It does not seem to have a big shooting area, so I worry about shooting it. It's also $169.99 right now for the full package. This I like. The remote on this one has a digital readout so you can collect data immediately and right at the shooting bench… I like this for obvious reasons. Also, I can connect to it later with the PC interface that is included at this price. This is a plus. That said, there have been quite a few negative reviews regarding error reads due to lighting. These seem to be the same issues the Shooting Chrony guys are having, and the only fix seems to be to put fabric on either side of the reading units. Personally I don't want this problem.

Again, experts please chime in with the "what" and the "why".

Thanks again GT!!

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