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Newbie - bullet types

Total newbie. Have not loaded my first round yet.
Have been reading to try to determine what powder to buy to load Hornady 9mm 115gr FMJ RN and the data for that bullet.

Purchased two books. Lyman 49th Reloading Handbook and Lee Modern Reloading. Neither book has data for a specifically for a 115gr FMJ RN.

The Lee book has data for 115gr Jacketed Bullet. It does not does not specify a bullet type other than weight and that it is Jacketed. Does it matter if the bullet is JHP, FMJ, Wadcutter or any other type? Can I use the data that it shows for 115gr "Jacketed Bullet" for any jacketed bullet type? Wouldn't the Minimum OAL vary depending on if it is RN, HP, etc.

The Lyman book shows only one bullet in 115gr. It's says 115gr JHP On the preceeding page it says that the 115gr JHP tested is a Hornady HP/XTP 115gr. Again, can I use the data shown for the 115gr JHP to load a FMJ RN even though the data says it is for a JHP?

I have also looked on a lot of powder manufacturers websites and can't find load data specifically for a 9mm 115gr FMJ. Most powder companies have data for 115gr JHP but not for a FMJRN.

Help this newbie get started by getting me to some place where I can get data for a 9mm 115gr FMJ RN
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