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Hey everyone, just wanted to take the time to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Jimmy, live in central FL, am part of many other forums similar in style to this one.... love them all. Hope to learn a bunch of things here and talk with great people who know what they're talking about! Ask me anything about cars, trucks, diesels, sports, and I can most likely answer any of your questions, but guns and Glocks in particular are somewhat new to me. My father has always carried Glocks ever since I can remember (I'm 22). He gave me his gen 2 17 a few months back, and I went and got my concealed carry license. I just recently traded in and bought a brand new G23, .40 ..... It is gen 3, made this year. Tested some time in late February, and is now in my hands. Love the looks and feel of these guns, now just need to get a comfy holster and shoot this thing !!!

P.S sorry for the long introduction, I am very excited about my new hobby
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