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Glad to help. I will share the setup I have perfected with my 29 for concealed carry. I can also offer a deal on parts.

I use the Pearce PG29 plus-zero on my 10-round mags. These baseplates give my pinkie finger proper support, without adding significant bulk to the mag bottom; I have found that lack of significant added length important for concealed carry in a pocket. I also believe the Pearce product is much higher quality than the Scherer.

I gave up the thought of adding rounds to the 29 mag. If you want greater mag capacity, I suggest this: make your backup mags the 15-round G20 ones. The G20 mag will work perfectly in the 29, and addition of something like the A&G grip extension can smooth out the longer grip.

I have a couple extra Pearce baseplates, in excellent condition, and while I cannot beat the pricing you are seeing, I can send them at exact cost of 1st class parcel, which gives you a break on shipping cost over a larger commercial operation.
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