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Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
A possible point of confusion on 29/30 mags:

There is a NINE-round G30 45acp mag, that matches ALL external dimensions of the 10-round G29 mag. Aftermarket baseplates meant for one will work with the other. In particular, the Pearce PG29 plus-zero mag extension WILL work with the 9-round G30 mag. When I was carrying a 30, those 9-round mags with the Pearce PG29 extenstions were useful for concealed carry.

The TEN-round G30 mag is built differently at the BOTTOM of the mag, to accomodate the tenth round. Aftermarket baseplates intended for this mag are NOT compatible with the G29 mag.
samurairabbi, and arushus, thank you for your explanation! It only took me two weeks, to figure out, the 29, and 30, mags were different, dimensionally. I should have realized the fact when I saw Pearce making separate extensions. Too add confusion, one of my two 10 round mags, for the G29, has a +2 base. It has no brand name on it, just a +2 in a square, then 45-10, under the +2. Then to add even more confusion, I see a Pearce +2, in the market place, that says for 45-10, and, it doesn't disclose that it's for the 20/21 mag, until you click on it to find the description, which then states that fact.

Guess I'll just settle for the Pearce, it's just, one, it doesn't give me the fat pinky room, the Scherer does, and two, almost $10, + shipping, for one, Pearce. Kind of a rip off to me! Especially, when you consider going with the Scherer, and get two extensions, for $11.
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