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Originally Posted by CJVK1031 View Post
I'm interested in having my gen2 17 slide refinished by Robar with the Poly-T2 tan. For $120? What is the turnaround time for this service?
Directly from Robar's FAQ'S,
"Turnaround time varies based on the work being done, our current workload, parts availability, etc. When we enter your order in to our system, we will mail you an order confirmation that will detail the work we are doing, the cost for the work and an estimated delivery date for your order. This is our best estimate of when the work will be complete; it is not a guarantee or firm commitment to have your order done on that date. We make every effort to meet the estimated delivery date provided, however we cannot always do so. What we will NEVER do is compromise the quality of our workmanship to rush your order to completion. Quality custom work takes time - sometimes longer than anticipated - but when you do receive your firearm back it will be worth the wait!
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