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Originally Posted by kodiakpb View Post

Hey Bentbiker, that's a sweet setup. How tall are your BUIS's on the Gen 4?

Edit: .220?
Sounds like you think, as do I, in terms of height above the slide. I measure about .256" (6.5mm). Lest anyone be confused, this is taller than the std 6.5mm Glock sights, since Glock measures from the top of the sight to the bottom of the dovetail; on the front sight, they measure the height above the slide.

While I like the look of the lower Glockworx sights and the fact that they are flush with the back of the slide, they are not an exact co-witness. POA with the BUIS is about 2" lower than POI. However, for emergency BUIS at SD distance, and their primary function of finding the dot, I'm sure they will be fine. Besides, Ameriglo has discontinued their suppressor sights, so I couldn't get the same sights as on the Gen3.
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