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Originally Posted by LSglock89 View Post
I always heard as far as negotiating goes... The first one to talk price loses.

Now through my experience that isn't always true, but it can be.

So if you wanted something from me, I expect you to give a number.

But I agree some people are unreasonable, heck I am too sometimes. I just want as much as I can get out of something because most of the time people are wasting my time. However if I can tell someone is serious I'll do my best to work with them.

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I heard this "principle" too, but the question is, who loses?

Guy A has something to sell. Person B wants it. Somebody had better say a number sometime, or no deal will get done...

Gunshops have stickers with prices on them for their wares. Does that mean they always lose? What is a loss?

In my mind, when someone is so unreasonable as to ask 20 times what something is worth, they've lost, even if I said the number first...

In all but one example above, the person came to me, presumably acknowledging my expertise in collecting commemoratives, as well as my "standing offer" to buy what I'm looking for... Yet, when I describe my opinion of it's worth, they scoff and run. OK, but if I'm right (and, so far, it looks like I have been), you're never gonna sell the thing, and your heirs will probably dispose of it with someone who won't give the premium I offerred (like the local gunshop...). Meqnwhile, I'll keep patiently explaining and biding my time for when someone reasonable does come along. So, who lost?

I do admit some people are just testing the waters to see what a realistic value is, but not these guys I posted about...
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