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Originally Posted by JoleBole View Post
Does someone know whats the purpose of that screw? Cuz the sight goes in only with the push tool and sits really tight even without the screw. I don't think he touched the screw at all.
If you install them on a really tight dovetail, a small amount might need to be taken off the bottom of the sight with a file. Then, if you want to put them on a different gun with a loose dovetail, you will appreciate having a way to tighten them.

I'd suggest you remove the screw and measure its length. Assuming the hole goes all the way through and isn't designed to just spread a split dovetail, you can measure the thickness of the sight (depth of the hole) before grinding anything off of the set screw. Also, you want to make sure there isn't something in the hole that is blocking the screw.

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