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Thanks, guys. I read a lot around here, don't know how much I'll post. But I'll try...

As for GLOCKs, I've got a 23 that's been modified a little by Cope Reynolds, and I've got a 21SF with the rail.

Perhaps someone can tell me if anything has changed, but when the 21SF came out here in California, they were selling it with the rail. Somehow the DOJ didn't realize this, but once they were enlightened, they outlawed the version with the rail. I think dealers that had them on the shelves had to pull them. But some of us went through DROS and took possession of them before they were outlawed, and we were 'grandfathered' in.

Is that story correct, or am I misinformed? That's what I've been led to believe, for what it's worth.

- thegunwire

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