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Lol, NOT

I went to "a" range in Tel Aviv about 2 years ago because a friend of mine, who is American, a University professor, admitted to me that she had never fired a firearm in her life.
Cutting things short, I lend her my glock 19, and rent a Bull 45 full frame (too big for my little hands).
Need to be said, In more than 3000 rounds with y g19 at the time, I never had any incident, but the 19 did this time, the range officer then tried to clear the weapon, and shot MY range table, less than a feet from my hand, and tried to pretend nothing happened.
I left the range, a year later, the same "range officer" was involved in an accidental discharge that killed a guy coming to figure out what weapon to buy.

I still feel bad that I didn't "RAT" on him at the time.

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