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Originally Posted by Ethereal Killer View Post
you know, I did that too when I attempted the mod, but now I'm wondering if I beveled far enough. I basically just knocked off the sharp edges left and right and did a solid bevel front and back.

looking back at the followers and bodies I modded I noticed that one follower had not been beveled side to side only front and back.

Maybe I need to go farther on the side bevels.

I'm still stumped how you are getting that spring to fit without dragging in the 10mm body. Is it possible to measure yours?
I will try to find my calipers and fulfill your request. Perhaps I just got lucky on the tolerances with my particular setup. But then, I'd rather be lucky than smart!

I did more than just knock off the side "ridges" created by the narrower 10mm width; I bevelled th ENTIRE width of that created ridge. This may match what you mean by a "solid" bevel.

I did not need to do any work on the follower to achieve my own personal "milspec" rating on my setup, so I did not even try.
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