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Originally Posted by GRT45 View Post
Below are the measurements of the KSV MagEx spring I received today from KRISS-USA. I hope this helps.

As the spring sits in a mag tube, I'm calling the coil "Length" (L) the dimension of the coil from front to back, where the back is the side of the mag with witness holes. Coil "Width" (W) is the dimension of the coil from side to side. These measurements are by digital caliper.

"Linear inches" simply refers to the uncompressed length of the spring coil sections (top and bottom), measured with a tape measure along the long axis of the spring. The total length of the uncompressed spring as received is 13.75 linear inches.

KSV MagEx G30 Extended Magazine Spring Only (SKU ACMES0800110)

Purchased online from KRISS-USA, Inc. on February 27, 2012 at

Bottom Coils (16 coils total, 12.25 linear inches uncompressed)
0.80" W x 1.09" L (20.32mm W x 27.69mm L)
Top Coils (3 coils total, 1.5 linear inches uncompressed)
0.36" W x 1.09" L (9.14mm W x 27.69mm L)
I'm getting the same measurements as you list above +- 0.010"

The glock 10mm spring I pulled from a mag is 0.615" wide by 0.960 deep by about 6.25" long.

the spring from the Korean mag has the same width and depth as the Kriss spring but measures about 14.5" long and has the same wire diameter 0.055" as the Kriss.

Just tryed the korean mag spring in a couple different 10mm mag body styles and they all rubbed the sides reall bad.

good news is, that by whacking the top 1/3 of the spring with a mallet so the diameter is narrowed a bit I think you might be able to get it to feed with the follower mod that samurirabbi mentioned.

I had planned to swap a spring from a 9mm 33 round mag into the kriss to see it that would feed with some follower mods.

still unsure what to do about these Korean mags.
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