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Originally Posted by GRT45 View Post
Some months ago, I contacted KRISS and suggested they sell the spring in the KSV MagEx G30 extension kit as a separate, replacement part. They were very responsive to the suggestion. Happily, the part is now available for sale.

That is the good news. The bad news is the shipping cost ($10.21 to Texas) is more than the cost of the spring ($8.95). By coincidence, I have a spring on order to be delivered on 3/6/2012.

I can't vouch that the spring is any different than those you had before that are unsuitable for the G20 mags. My only experience with the KSV MagEx spring is with the extension kit on G21 13-rd 45ACP mags and as a replacement spring for the inferior spring in a Korean-made 27-rd 45ACP mag (Victory brand).
Thanks for the link.

Would you be able to put a set of calipers on it and tell me the width of the coils? I can take a measurement of a mag to see if it'll fit.

Thanks in any event.
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