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Something I just remembered, that justifies (I hope) a supplement to my previous comments: there was ONE slight modification I made to the 10mm/Kriss setup to make it (in my mind) a defense-worthy item. As it came originally, at rare intervals, I would get a feed problem in mid-mag; the rounds stopped rising in the mag. The problem would ALWAYS be solved by simply slapping the bottom or exposed side of the mag HARD. Since the setup was really just a range toy, I didn't give the stoppages much thought.

Then I began thinking about the Kriss/10mm setup as a protection resource. I began investigating, found the problem ALWAYS occurred at the same round count, did some measuring based on that round count, and I am sure I solved the condition.

The Glock 10mm and 45 mags have the same EXTERNAL dimensions, but the INSIDE width of the 10mm is slightly less than the 45. The inner sleeve of the Kriss aligns perfectly with the 45-mag inside width, but with the slightly narrower 10mm mag inside width, and the right-angle cut on the bottom of the Glock mag casing, a slight step was created that, under the right conditions, could catch on the top fore-and-aft edge of the follower. I stripped the mag, and used a sharp utility knife to gently make a 45-degree bevel the full depth of the "step" on BOTH sides of the Glock mag. I did both sides, even though my diagnosis was applicable only to the side facing the high edge of the follower.

The sporatic stoppages disappeared, and I have used the mag sufficiently to be willing to rate it as a protection "accessory". I wanted to get all this posted, since I had given praise to the setup in an earlier post.
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