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Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
Interesting! Either 1) the Kriss people reshaped the spring enough to work with both 45 and 10, 2) I got lucky straight out of the box with MY mag, or 3) the original problems were flukes. Get your bets down!

yeah the kriss dont work with the supplied mag springs I TRIED. it's just too fat. If they have changed the width of the spring so it does not rub inside a 10mm mag body I'd like to see someone confirm this, maybe with a caliper measurement I can compare. did you also have to mod your follower? I would definitely go this route if it works now.

I do think that the magex could be made to work with a spring from a 9mm 33 rounder tho. you would have to add a block to the bottom of the inside of the mag but no biggie.

There was a gentleman on here who was doing all that chrono testing and had modified one for use in his carbine that worked well. I was hoping he would respond and share.

I have not done the legwork on this yet, but I bought two to experiment on. I suspect I may have to put a small cut in the supporting metal liner at the top rear so the feed lips can come together enough to hold the 10mm properly. I may just start with some hammering tho.

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