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Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
Buy the Kriss 45acp extensions; they will work with 10mm mags. The 30-round Kriss extension in 45 becomes a 33-round 10mm mag; just the right touch for the next civil insurrection. They will also be FAR more reliable than jury-rigged Korean mags.

Drawbacks? The mag holes on the Kriss extension will not align exactly with the 10mm round count. I somehow managed to overcome my sorrow over this "mismatch".
Hmmm...I wonder what has changed since this guy (Carlos 10mm) tried and failed to make them work a little over a year ago (see GT thread link below). At the time, the mag spring supplied with the KRISS Super V MagEx G30 45ACP extension kit wouldn't fit in the G20 mag.

Kriss Super V extensions do not work with G20 mags.

Another guy (Jack-O) on a forum also described the problem with the supplied spring and other problems and presented workarounds he devised to make it work (January, 2010 at link below).

10mm fans.... Finally a 33 round mag that WORKS!!
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