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Originally Posted by Ethereal Killer View Post
What did you do to make it work?

did it work?

what parts needed to be swapped?

I've tried the Kriss magex's and may have some new ideas to make that work.

I have some 10mm spare followers and some of these 27 round 45 ACP korean KCI mags.

I'm wondering how you close the feed lip gap and make it stick?
I once tried compressing the feedlips on a Korean 45acp mag to the 10mm feedlip dimensions on a Glock mag. I could not get the reshaped lips parallel. I gave up.

My advice: Sell the Korean 45 mags at a gunshow or online. Buy Glock 15 round 10mm mags. Buy the Kriss 45acp extensions; they will work with 10mm mags. The 30-round Kriss extension in 45 becomes a 33-round 10mm mag; just the right touch for the next civil insurrection. They will also be FAR more reliable than jury-rigged Korean mags.

Drawbacks? The mag holes on the Kriss extension will not align exactly with the 10mm round count. I somehow managed to overcome my sorrow over this "mismatch". But then, you would have the same alignment problem with the Korean mags; counting rounds during a defensive situation is poor form anyway.
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