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Originally Posted by YtownGlock View Post
A month or so ago on a Thursday night at my local indoor shooting range, I was testing out some new defense ammo I recently purchased (Federal HST 165gr and Speer GD 165gr). I got to the range and it was PACKED. When I got inside there were 4 guys that had decided to bring their girlfriends to the range.

After shooting my first series of mags I holster my weapon and picked up my mags off the floor. I walked back to the bench behind me to grab another box of ammo. As i was loading up my mags one of the girls turned away from the stall and as she turned she covered me with the muzzle of the gun. She was roughly 10 feet away from me. I stopped loading my mags and closed my eyes. It took every bit of me not to flip out on her and her friends for improper firearm and range safety.

I figured it was her first time so I did not want to make a scene. I finished loading my mags and fired through my second series. I holstered my weapon, picked up my mags and went on to load them again. This time, a different girl did the same exact thing as the girl before her. I was so enraged that I completely lost my train of thought and screwed up on my next series.

What made matters worse was that over the sound of gunfire and even with my ear protection on, I could hear them fooling around and laughing.

This was my worst night at the range ever. I hate it when guys bring their inexperienced girlfriends/wives/etc to the range and all they end up doing is screwing around and trying to impress them.

Anyone else feel the same way?
Even you were a newbee once, they should have better supervision but that is the fault of the guys that brought them. We all should encourage new shooters especially women. Remember women are half the voting block.
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