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Originally Posted by sop View Post
Short answer: Generation 4 Glock 19...."D"

Long answer: Bought a new G19 last December, owned others years ago (17 and 23) with zero problems. I experienced brass to face. Called Glock and they sent me a new ejector. The new ejector helped, but hasn't completely eliminated ejection issues; brass still ejects erratically.
What ammo are you shooting?

The gen4 9mms don't like really low powered ammo such as federal champion and remington UMC. My gen4 19 will shoot it with no malfunctions, but the ejection is on the weak side with the occasional shell to the head. Once I step up in PF just a tiny bit, the pistol ejects perfect.

600 rounds so far, no malfunctions. It will be interesting to see if the ejection of the low powered ammo gets any stronger as the RSA wears more.
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