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I don't see or shoot many G36's. For whatever reason, it doesn't seem to be a "popular" off-duty weapon among the folks I see come through our range.

The last couple of them I can remember shooting seemed to run just fine in my hands, using the duty hollowpoints of the time (which change among the major makers).

The owner of the first one complained of frequent feeding problems. It worked just fine when I tried it, but he took it to a friend at another agency who was a Glock armorer. That armorer told him that while the gun could use some cleaning and wasn't sufficiently lubricated, that otherwise it was in good condition and working normally. Last I heard, that owner got rid of that G36 and bought a different make/caliber of gun.

The last one I shot was very recently (although it was a gun made in the mid-2000's, I believe). Good feeding & functioning using duty hollowpoints (230gr Golden Sabre), shooting 1 & 2-handed, slow & rapid shot strings. Nothing out of the ordinary. No pinched finger. Good to go.

The G36 is an interesting model. Same overall length as the G30 (with a longer barrel than my 3.25" CS45, being just barely longer than my 3.75" 4513TSW), but with more length between the sights than the G30.

If I didn't already own a CS45 & an "original" 4513TSW, both of which also use 6-rd magazines, I'd buy a G36.
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