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List on page 1 updated to read:

2.) Atlanta Arms & Ammo - 124g - FP TCJ (RL)

These folks were sure fast and efficient getting the order out!
The list now stands at 103 with one more load coming....

RMD - you're welcome! I guess I could have gone the easy route and just listed stuff I've seen on the web. But, I have on many occasions seen things listed, and then put in an order only to be told that it is zero balance...back-ordered etc. Then later I am re-funded and the item never appears for sale again. So I guess just like there is "vaporware", there is "vapor ammo". If I have it in my hands and someone questions it...well at least I know better.
Also I hope the links help other folks who want to try some different stuff!!
Eventually, I would like to get some nice "group" pictures to post of the boxes....
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