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Originally Posted by ssevern View Post
Let's do a quick survey. Gen4 Glock owners only please:

1. Which model(s) do you own?

2. Which fits your situation:
A. I have no problem with this handgun
B. I have ejection problems with this handgun
C. I had ejection problems, Glock (or armorer) fixed it, and it now rocks.
D. I had ejection problems, Glock (or armorer) fixed them, but it still isn't right.
1. Gen4 G17 since summer of 2010
Had ejection problems-- casings bouncing off my head every now and then. Some FTE's with factory ammo with the original, unstamped/unlabelled recoil spring assembly.

My gun stays completely stock. With the latest recoil spring assembly and 30274 ejector, 3000 rounds later I have had absolutely no malfunctions and no casings bouncing off my head.

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