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Originally Posted by majette View Post
older ones are great. newer ones with the german frame and exeter slide seem to be good as well. either would be fine and unless you have a lot of .40 cal ammo, get a 9mm. just because .40 makes a bigger boom and has more snappy recoil does not mean it is a better platform.
I dont have any .40 ammo actually. having a backround of only shooting (centerfire wise) .45's and .40's, i could never ever step ALL the way down to a 9mm, going with .40 was hard enough. For ME a .40 would be a great platform, whenever SHTF, i know i will be able to take deer with a placed .40 and not have to track the deer very far. Im not going to Give 9mm owners trouble, its just not for me (unless the weapon could fit in my pocket, like a PF9 which i love)
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