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Originally Posted by clogspecialist View Post
Yes you are right, it would be a gamble at the least. My immediate attractions to the pistol are

1-I hear it is VERY accurate for such a short barrel
2-the grip is most definently going to be easier to wrap my hands around (with proper sizer attached)
3- .40S&W is most definently cheaper and easier to find than 10mm auto, and would be plenty of stopping power against an attacker (or food (deer of course) when Schit hits the fan)
4-although there is no possible way it could be as reliable as a Glock, i have heard in terms of durability, and reliability, they are vvvvvvery close
1) don't worry about the stock pistol's accuracy. I can promise you both Glock or Sig will be more accurate than you are.

3) don't forget you can always convert your G20 to 40s&w by getting a conversion barrel. It will be cheaper than buying a new gun and avoid trader's remorse.

4) both my Sig 2022s and all 3 of my Glocks have perfect record in reliability department.
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