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Originally Posted by oldnoob View Post
2022 is as accurate as any other service pistol.

As much as I recommend 2022, I do not suggest you to trade in your G20 for 2022. Not until you try out the 2022 in person and really have your heart set on it.
Yes you are right, it would be a gamble at the least. My immediate attractions to the pistol are

1-I hear it is VERY accurate for such a short barrel
2-the grip is most definently going to be easier to wrap my hands around (with proper sizer attached)
3- .40S&W is most definently cheaper and easier to find than 10mm auto, and would be plenty of stopping power against an attacker (or food (deer of course) when Schit hits the fan)
4-although there is no possible way it could be as reliable as a Glock, i have heard in terms of durability, and reliability, they are vvvvvvery close
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