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Sig Pro experts? come Hither

Just had a bad experience on Sigforum trying to register, never visiting that site again. Anywho i am going to purchase a Sig Pro SP2022 in .40 very soon (within months) and am looking forward to it highly. however, i understand that during the last few years there have been some different sources of manufacture for different parts of the handgun (example: first the frames were made in switzerland and shipped to germany to be assembled, then everything was made in germany) and that now some or all of the parts are made in the U.S, there have been some problems in California with a specific batch of U.S made sp2022's (hate to say it but that's what you get for trying to own a weapon in that sorry excuse for a state anyway). Anyways, i have heard that the german made models are of highest quality. So should i look out for used or new Old stock German made frame models, or would i be O.K having my LGS order one from the factory new? or if i ordered one from Budsgunshop would that yield me a higher chance of getting a high quality 2022? i really don't know much about the differences in country of origin. what serial numbers should i look for or avoid?

Thanks for any and all input. Seems like a GREAT gun for the price. and i will be trading my glock 20 for it sssssso id REALLY like to make sure the one i get is a good one.
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