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Originally Posted by Hedo1 View Post
Public ranges can be scary. Private ones can be too.

A few weeks ago I was finsihed shooting and leaving a club range and a guy with a blackpowder rifle was standing in front of my car with his rifle pointing 180 deg from the target and directly at my car. I asked him what he was doing and he said he had a misfire and was trying to clear it. I told him not to point it at my car, he then started pointing it at me. I circled away and the idiot tracked me with his rifle under his arm. I yelled at him to stop pointing it at me. He responded "it won't fire I'm having a problem with it".

I went full Gunny on him and explained why he was an idiot and told him to leave his rifle on the table until he couldn't see my car leaving the club any longer. Honestly I was about a second away from disarming him.
Yeah this guy should be banned from the range for at least a year. If someone repeatedly points a gun at me after I've warned them not to I'd probably point one back.
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