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Originally Posted by NH Trucker View Post
Yours was a MUCH different senario than this guys. You were being chased and had objects thrown at you with the intent to injure and/or kill you. Had the mob caught you, they would have probably killed you. The guy in the story was NOT threatened or assaulted. He only fired to "show the guy he was serious." Hold the guy at gun point, but DO NOT FIRE the weapon unless there is a clear reason to. Had the burglar been aggressive or threatening, he would have been justified in firing, warning or center mass, and he wouldn't have been in any trouble. That was not the case here, as he had no reason to shoot, which is why I dissented to his actions, and why he was arrested in the first place.

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I'd agree with you except for two things. The news media is known for screwing up the truth when it comes to guns and evidently the county attorney agrees he was in the right since he/she dropped the charges. Either that or the guy played the game and paid the $$$$. No, I have no faith in the judicial system. Itís not about justice itís about $$$$. But thatís a discussion for another time.

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