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I think I'll coin a phrase and call it "the pawn stars effect".

I think the bottom line is that when it comes to monetary value, people frquently think they're sitting on a gold mine, or they're afraid of being taken advantage of, so they get artificial ideas of worth/value and get indignant.

People need to do their own due diligence when selling something.

First off, go do a search of Gunbrokers CLOSED auctions for your exact gun, and see what the actual bidding and selling prices have been. Look at the prices of the ones that never sold (or even never got a single bid). Somewhere you will find an overlap, such as the most-expensive actual completed sales were $1105, $900, & $800, and the lowest prices where the same model did NOT sell were: $999, $1200, & $1400. That right there should tell you a reasonable value is between $800 & $1100. Just because someone else asks $3500 for the same model over and over and over again, doesn't mean it's worth that... (Maybe his wife told him "it's gotta go," and he's telling her: "look honey -I'm trying but nobody's bidding..."). Seems like too many of these sellers listen to bad advice/opinions and never go look for themselves...

Second, if you have something truly rare, which has no track record to check, you should get a grasp on what the full range of values are. I've seen run-of-the-mill Glocks trade from $200 all the way to $550 (w/no accessories). Collectables generally run $650 to $1500, depending on rarity and demand for the particular gun up for sale. Legitimate, factory one-of-a-kinds (Statue of Liberty, Ducks Unlimited, 1,000,000th, 2,000,000th) will jump to low five figures.

Third, keep in mind how much YOU paid for the Glock. All non-one-of-a-kinds cost less than $700 to the authorized end purchaser. Unless there's something incredibly rare about it (like only 25 were made 20 years ago, so they only come up for sale VERY rarely), it's not going to jump to many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars...

Sorry for bursting peoples' bubbles, but I figure my child or grandchildren is who is going to benefit from a profit on these (in 50-100 years), not me...

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