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Owned many handguns over the years. Only one I ever had problems with was a Kimber Pro Carry II I bought brand new. Right out of the box it would fail to go into battery every few rounds. I shoot a lot and knew it wasn't me. Finally convinced the gunsmith at the store I bought it at to try it. They have a nice automated range that I have a membership to. He had same problem. Found some sloppy craftsmanship inside and had to do some deburring. Problem solved but even after 500-600 rounds still had frequent FTF about every 20 shots or so. Others shooting it had same problem. Gave up and traded in on a New Glock 21sf and couldn't be happier. More accurate, 100 percent reliable, holds 13+1 round, easier to clean, shoots anything I feed it and I much prefer the lower bore axis. Already well over 1000 rounds through it with 0 hiccups... Just like my 19 and 26
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