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Two pistols. Both S&W.

• S&W mdl 39-2. POS. Couldn't get it to feed a full magazine at all.
My Dad had a co-worker that wanted it badly.
Told him the issue. He didn't care.

• S&W mdl 5906. Early, early 3rd Gen. pistol. (Nice looking pistol!)
Slide mounted safety a female dog to operate!
Flakes of metal and what looked like stainless steel 'sand' or 'powder' coming off of the frame/slide.
No matter what lube or grease I used, it still galled.
Sent it back to S&W.
"No problem found."
Grip panel recall. S&W shipped arched and flat grip panels at my request.
Pistol still galling itself to pieces.
Sent back to S&W.
Came back, "No problem found."

Was later determined that the slide and gripframe were the same hardness stainless steel. (That's why the galling.)
Guy at my sportsman's club wanted it. Told him of the issue. He didn't care! Sold! Gone!!
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