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What is and what is not collectable is very subjective to who you are talking to. Some people laugh at the thought of collecting Glocks but others have lots and keep looking for more. Some to never shot (even Glocks).

People get emotionally attached to guns more than most other things. Almost like they do with cars and that makes it very easy to over inflate the value.

Then when offered a price lower than they think it is worth they get mad and are offended.

I do not know the answer, sometimes time is your friend, just pass on it (or leave a standing offer for them to mull over after their emotions have calmed down) and if you are lucky it or another will come up. If I did I would either have allot more Glocks (I mean guns) or allot more money.

To me when I am collecting something, the hunt and the story that may come with it are as big a part as collecting itself is.

From the sellers stand point everything is just the opposite of this.

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