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Where do people come up with this stuff??

I need some suggestions from fellow collectors out there. As you can see, I've changed my signature line, and it has worked - I've had a couple people contact me about commemoratives they'd like to sell. However, I've had a run of bad luck/unreasonable people.

The first guy had a Bell Helo Glock. He asked me what I thought it was worth. I told him I'd rather he started off at a price and we'd go from there. He wouldn't put a number to it, and said something to the effect of: "hey, you're the expert, tell me what it's worth." I told him a starting offer that was fairly generous (started in the 4-figure range). I never heard another thing.

Then, a guy e-mails me and says he's got a Desert Storm Glock for sale, and he wondered if I would be interested. I explained that I already have one, but if the price is right, I'd be interested, and asked him what price he wanted. He said $2500, and he said that the "only two he could find for sale via google" were $10,500 and $3499... I told him that he needs to look harder as I had just seen a matched pair of DS Glocks on Gunbroker a month prior for $1500. After a long exchange of e-mails, with him challenging my knowledge of the collector's market, I told him to go ahead and try to sell it for $2500 on Gunbroker. He posted it there 7 times, starting at $3500 and the last time he posted it, he started it at $1500. The only time he got any bids was when he started it at $.01, and he got two bids, ending up at $450. (He had a reserve so it didn't sell.) Then he registers here at GT and puts it in the classified ads twice, back up at $2500. As I told him and expected, he still owns the gun.......

Then, my wife finds an FBI commemorative for sale on a website. The guy has it posted for $2500. I e-mail him and tell him my background and knowledge of comemmorative guns in general and the FBI commemorative specifically. I gently suggest what he has listed it for is far outside the realm of reasonableness. He says, "make me an offer." I do, and he comes back and says I'm waaay outside the realm of reasonableness (even though I offered him more than he paid for it, and a price within the range they've been selling for on GB), and that the owner of Rock Island Auctions told him it was worth $2500 and he wouldn't sell it for a fraction of that price.... I responded that I've been to RIA many times (I live nearby them), and they've very rarely had Glocks (they don't have a Glock-collecting clientele outside me, that I've seen), and if he thinks he can get $2500 for a Glock to go ahead and list it at the auction house. I'd love to see him get it (Again, it means my collection is worth more), but I strongly doubt he will.

So, my questions:

1) What is up with people??? You can see it over and over again here in the Collector's Corner that 99.9% of Glock owners won't buy a Glock they won't shoot anyway, and the collector's market in Glocks is pretty small. There's probably a couple hundred GCA members, and maybe 50 more guys that regularly post here who are true collectors?

2) Any suggestions on how to handle people who won't give a price and force me to give one first? (They've been watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers and think they know the system, I guess...) I've been a coroner for 12 years and I've given people news of a loved one's death that went over better than the reaction I'm getting from these people...
Glock Commemoratives

I want to buy your commemorative Glock! Looking for: FBI 100yr, Bell Helo, FOP Lodge1, Kiowa Warrior, SCI, and any new/unknown-to-me commemoratives.

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