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Originally Posted by MedicG17 View Post
I own an FNP-45 and haven't run much more than 200 through it... don't know why but I've had multiple failures to feed (narrowed it down to 2 mags) and when the slide is returning forwards it feels like 2 independent motions. This is my first 45 I've shot.

FNH customer service (refers you to Browning) said it needs to "break-in" more.

Thought I would bounce it off of others and see what the group thoughts were.

medic-- were you using the forbidden wwb ammo? i took my new fnp tac to the range on monday. shot mostly blazer brass, but i thought i'd see about the wwb while i was there. in two of the supplied mags, everything was fine. in the third mag, as i loaded the third round, the first round loaded would tilt and jam against the follower and the side of the mag. tried it three times, using different cartridges, with the exact same result. strange, indeed.....

otherwise, it shot great.... 10 rounds into one ragged hole @21 feet with the docter red dot, no failures.

regards to all-- deguelo
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