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Originally Posted by MedicG17 View Post
I own an FNP-45 and haven't run much more than 200 through it... don't know why but I've had multiple failures to feed (narrowed it down to 2 mags) and when the slide is returning forwards it feels like 2 independent motions. This is my first 45 I've shot.

FNH customer service (refers you to Browning) said it needs to "break-in" more.

Thought I would bounce it off of others and see what the group thoughts were.

How many are you saying is multiple failures? The reason I ask is that some FDE guns (see sturmguewer's VTAC 9mm review for a detailed explaination) do require a 'break in' due to the coating on the slide. Mine didn't but I have seen it, especially with low pressure ammo...
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