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Originally Posted by clogspecialist View Post
Just called about 20 different gunshops in the cincinnati area, ONE had a G.I (but it was stainless therefore im not interested) 3 had Mil-specs (which were also stainless, not interested) so my faith is now diminsished. I checked gunbroker and there is not a single 5" G.I listed, there is a 4" champion parkerized but i require the 5" barrel. i dont weant to just sell the Glock first because even though its only had about 300rounds through it, i could only get about $400 for it, that makes me about $250 of from a G.I

so should i attempt and do a massive complicated swap for the one in the state next to me?

I figure i could walk in and talk to em, then figure out a plan to have my local ffl ship my glock to them, maybe add $150 cash, and have them ship their G.I to my ffl. for all the exchange my local FFl would probably charge me $50 and maybe even the shipping, then i would be into it more than i'd like to be.

Maybe i should just suck it up and stick with my G20
If your g20 is in good condition you could easily get $475 for it. You certainly won't get more value as a trade than you will selling outright.

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