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Why not a Ruger? Sure, they're cast, but so is the Remington and the Ruger has a series 70 trigger. As far as the stainless goes, have it coated. Ruger has been building cast frame guns for years and they seem to have the hang of it. I had a GI model and found it to be a finicky beast. It was a little too tight out of the box to be reliable. Another problem I had is that once I added all the little things to it that I'd liked to have had it would have cost me over a grand! So, I sold it to my brother, who now has a over a grand in it, and bought a Kimber. Moral of the story is that you can save money now, or save money later. The GI is a good gun, IF it has everything you want already. Otherwise, get a mil-spec or loaded, IMHO.
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