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Originally Posted by dugo View Post
Nice gun. I would like the tritium front sight,but haven't yet taken the time and trouble to go that way. Will before long, though.

Regarding handling, guess the rest of us are comparing apples to apples. I don't think any small handgun with adequate personal defense loads is going to be "easy" to handle compared broadly to handguns overall -- not to me, anyway.

When folks say it has light or moderate recoil, I assume they are comparing it to other small, light guns/revolvers -- like a j-frame -- shooting personal defense rounds. I don't consider any of those easy to handle overall, and imagine most people would not; but, the LCR seems easier (ie, not as hard) to handle, compared to other similar-type guns.

You are not alone in feeling like your hand takes a beating, though if you shoot it regularly you do get somewhat used to it after a while. Not necessary to put a lot of rounds through it at one session, just get regular practice.
Thanks, and that makes perfect sense. I think practice is key. Like I said, it is getting better everytime. I think my grip is a big factor in this too. I've been studying Jerry Miculec techniques. Night and day difference from where I started.
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