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I've only had mine for a couple weeks. It's the .38 version. This thing is not fun to shoot. It beats the heck out of my hand. I feel like a wuss listening to these guys say how soft it shoots, and I'm a big guy. But, admittidly I have little experience with revolvers and this is my only experience with a snubby. I've put a 410 rounds through it, mostly cheap range ammo with a little +p mixed in for good measure. At first I couldn't hit anything with it. After some research and practice, I find it to be quite accurate. 21 ft is 10 ring and 25 yards will stay on a paper plate. All in all, I like this little guy a lot. It is more than capable for its intended purpose.

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Mine is the one with the hogue boot grip and tritium front sight.

Nice gun. I would like the tritium front sight,but haven't yet taken the time and trouble to go that way. Will before long, though.

Regarding handling, guess the rest of us are comparing apples to apples. I don't think any small handgun with adequate personal defense loads is going to be "easy" to handle compared broadly to handguns overall -- not to me, anyway.

When folks say it has soft recoil, I assume they are comparing it to other similarly small, light guns/revolvers -- like a j-frame. I don't consider any of those easy to handle, at all, compared generally to larger platforms, and imagine most people would not; but, the LCR can seem a little on the soft side when compared to other guns of similar type and size.

You are not alone in feeling like your hand takes a beating. If you shoot it regularly you do get somewhat used to it after a while. Then, your hand just gets tired, but you don't feel so beat up. Not necessary to put a lot of rounds through it at one session, just get regular practice.

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