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you keep telling yourself that....the last thing i need is a 357 sig round going through the bad guy and into a bystander, or leaving my house and going into the neighbors house....

btw, how can you say recoil is the same as 9mm, when its a 9mm bullet in a cased down 40 cal shell...
For the first paragraph, you know that higher velocity pistol rounds tend to penetrate less than lower velocity ones right? Higher velocity aids expansion, which increases drag and reduces sectional density, both of which greatly affect penetration. High mass and momentum increase penetration, velocity also increases it if all other variables stay the same, but with expanding bullets other forces and dynamics more than overrule the penetration increase gained from a higher velocity.

For the second, I hear you. I actually recently was in a thread where the consensus was that because 9mm +P+ and .357 Sig have the same chamber pressures, they are ballistically identical. That's clearly not true, the .357 has 50% greater case capacity, and chamber pressure is not the only thing going on in internal ballistics, not even close.

Fact is, it's also slower than a 9mm and smaller than a .45 I guess for me personally, it filled a niche that didn't need filled. And I figure that if I had to shoot anyone center mass, they will not be able to notice the difference between the 45, 40 or 9mm. And I do prefer the recoil of the 9 or .45 over the .40. and as much ammo that I shoot, it's saves me quite a bit of money. Just an old farts two cents.
It's not slower than 9mm if you are comparing similar bullet weights. I don't mean a 124 grain .40, I mean a bullet with a similar sectional density. I think the 155 .40 is about the same as a 124 grain 9mm, and the 155 at 1200 feet per second is an absolutely typical load. In 124, a lot of loads are 1150 feet per second, the 124+P that's doing so well for the NYPD and others tends to be loaded to 1200 FPS or in Speer's case just slightly above that. 147-180, both bullets tend to be loaded to 1000 FPS, sometimes they get loaded a little slower, sometimes a little faster, but 1000 is a pretty typical goal.

So the 9mm and .40, when comparing defense/duty-type loads with equivalent bullet weights, travel pretty much exactly the same speeds. Terminally the .40 behaves like an oversized 9mm. It uses similar sectional densities at similar speeds, but with more mass and diameter. It's not free, it does have higher recoil and a little less magazine capacity in the same platforms, but it does bring something to the table.

I agree completely that when used with appropriate ammunition, there's no practical difference between the service caliber handguns.

And if I want a large bullet with a lower velocity I'll use a .45. As I said before, just my two cents.
.40 isn't necessarily lower velocity, unless you load it that way intentionally.
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