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Originally Posted by clogspecialist View Post
Thats such a buzz kill, yeah and they bought the company that made the HS200 (XD) and now market the pistol under their name. What about springfield's M1A's? are those made in Brazil as well? i have no problem owning a handgun or firearm from brazil. Im sure they do something right over there. Honestly i trust the guys at Imbel alot more than the guys over at Armscor in the philipines. Im pretty sure the only current (unexpensive) 1911's that are produced/manufactured in America are the Auto Ordnance (Kahr arms) guns. and they get very mixed reviews
Compare the parts fitting on some Filipino guns versus the Brazilian guns. The Brazilian guns are forged, which is nice, but the gunsmithing on ATI and RIA guns usually beats the Brazilian, in my experience.
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