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My last trip to a public range before joining my club was a bit tense.

Guy with a new Beretta Storm kept loading it by turning it sideways - pointing it right at me and racking the slide repeatedly, with his finger in the trigger guard.

He was having some trouble figuring it out. I helped him with that and gently coached him to keep it pointed "thataway" at all times.

Then he proceeds to shoot at rocks and crap on the ground about 10 feet out from the line. WTF? I packed up my stuff, called a cease fire and hung up some paper for him on the target boards. His girlfriend said "This is his first pistol..." Really?

Thankfully at my private club I haven't encountered too much nonsense. I rarely use the indoor pistol range. I prefer the outdoor range where the firing pits are separated from each other by concrete walls.

Honestly, and I know it will never happen, I wish basic gun safety / air rifle class or something was a part of every high school gym curriculum for a couple of weeks.
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