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I have a BarSto & for practical purposes it shoots to the same POI - only the BarSto/357Sig groups are less than half the size of the stock/40 groups. The 357 recoil is more "straight back" than with 40; and overall the 357Sig just seems easier to handle.

I've always liked the 40, especially in the 2nd Gen G23, but with these improvements in accuracy & recoil - well it almost seems too good to be true. I understand others have experienced similar results (with this round) across the country.

That's why I'm asking here.

FYI: ammo is 125gr Gold Dots & Ranger (357Sig) & 180gr Gold Dots (40SW). I've had the BarSto for several years and don't remember what it cost, cheaper than current list though.
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